Nutritional value of buckwheat from the Altai territory of Russia

DOI: 10.17586/1606-4313-2021-20-2-64-72
UDC 664.78

Nutritional value of buckwheat from the Altai territory of Russia

Buchilina Alina S., Gunkova P.I., Ishevskii A.L. , Barakova N.V., Moskvicheva E.V., Fomicheva Tatiana I.

For citation: Buchilina A.S., Gunkova P.I., Ishevskiy A.L., Barakova N.V., Moskvicheva E.V., Fomicheva T.I. Nutritional value of buckwheat from the Altai territory of Russia. Journal of International Academy of Refrigeration. 2021. No 2. p. 64-72. DOI: 10.17586/1606-4313-2021-20-2-64-72

Buckwheat is produced from buckwheat seeds and is traditionally used in Russian cuisine and many other world cuisines. Russia and China are the world leaders in buckwheat cultivation. In Russia (and in the world), the leading supplier of buckwheat is the Altai Territory. Buckwheat is characterized by high nutritional value and physiological activity because of its unique chemical composition. In this paper, the results of a study of buckwheat samples are presented. The samples were obtained from seeds of common buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum) Dikul and Devyatka cultivars grown in Tselinny and Solton districts of the Altai Territory in 2018-2020. The chemical composition and the nutritional value of buckwheat depend on weather conditions, the geographical area of cultivation, and the cultivar and have a wide range of fluctuations in the quantitative content of components. During the period of study, the protein content in buckwheat groat varied from 11.5% to 20.73% and averaged 15.24%; the fat content ranged from 2.5% to 6.1%, and its average value was 3.83%; the total amount of carbohydrates in grains varied from 57.8% to 72.6% and averaged 55.13%, while the amount of starch varied over three years from 42.38% to 61.3% and averaged 51.13%. The content of vitamin B2 is not subject to significant fluctuations depending on weather conditions, and the average amount in grains from the Altai Territory is 8.73 μg/g. High nutritional value, hypocholesterolemic activity, and low glycemic index of buckwheat groat determine its use in the technology of functional food products.

Keywords: buckwheat, buckwheat groat, glycemic index, hypocholesterolemic activity, functional food products.

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