Ethane phase equilibrium line

DOI: 10.17586/1606-4313-2021-20-2-98-104
UDC 536.71

Ethane phase equilibrium line

Rykov S.V. , Kudryavtseva I.V. , Rykov V.A., Nurysheva M. , Kurbanov Bobomurod Kh.

For citation: Rykov S.V., Kudryavtseva I.V., Rykov V.A., Nurysheva M., Kurbanov B.Kh. Ethane phase equilibrium line. Journal of International Academy of Refrigeration. 2021. No 2. p. 98-104. DOI: 10.17586/1606-4313-2021-20-2-98-104

On the basis of the modified Clapeyron-Clausius equation, the Rykov elastic line equation, and scale theory, the line of phase ethane in the temperature range of from  T = Tt= 90.368 K to T = Tc= 305.322 K, where Tt andTc are the temperatures of triple point and critical pint, has been calculated. The equations of the elastic line, ps = ps(T), vapor, ρ–= ρ–(T),and liquid, ρ+= ρ+(T),and the branches of the saturation line have common critical exponents and critical parameters, and the average diameter fd of the saturation line in the vicinity of the critical point is described by the model [2β, 1 – α] (The Yang-Yang modified model). It is shown that this system of equations conveys experimental data on the pressure and density of saturatedvapor, and the density of a saturated liquid of ethane within the uncertainty of these data with a root-mean-square error (RMS):=0.08%; = 0.67%; = 0.02%. In the temperature range of from Tt toTc, the tables are calculated, including the values, ρ–, ρ+and "apparent" heat of vaporization.

Keywords: ethane, saturation line, critical exponents, elastic line, average diameter.

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