Justification of energy efficient air handling processes in conditioning systems

DOI: 10.17586/1606-4313-2021-20-3-23-31
UDC 697.9

Justification of energy efficient air handling processes in conditioning systems

Salman A.S.S., Sulin A.B., Lysyov V.I. , Ryabova T.V.

For citation: Salman A.S., Sulin A.B., Lysev V.I., Ryabova T.V. Justification of energy efficient air handling processes in conditioning systems. Journal of International Academy of Refrigeration. 2021. No 3. p. 23-31. DOI: 10.17586/1606-4313-2021-20-3-23-31

Possibilities and prospects of assessing the quality of air conditioning system solution by quantitative indicators based on the system approach of energy-saving modes by Professor A.A. Rymkevich are considered. In accordance with the generally accepted formulation, technological parameters expressed by a numerical characteristic describe the performance of the system. The choice of indicators and optimization criteria is one of the main issues of the system approach. An important role is played by oriented indicators, which are characterized by some predetermined numerical value for given conditions. Then, any decision to be made can be evaluated by the degree of deviation of the true value from the limiting indicator. The calculation of the criteria of technological indicators should be based on the natural costs, not related to the market conditions. The formation of the quality of a particular air conditioning system solution is based on the technological sequence of thermal and humid air treatment processes, which are implemented through the corresponding modes of operation of the system during the period of operation under consideration. Therefore, an important link at the stage of conceptual design of air conditioning systems is a reasonable choice of technology for heat and humidity treatment of air, which includes a sequence of optimal, from the point of view of consumption of technological resources (consumption of heat, cold, air and water). A method of forming energy efficient air conditioning systems on the basis of a statistical model of climatic parameters of ambient air for different time intervals and climatic regions is proposed.

Keywords: air conditioning system, technological parameters, outdoor climate, load class, energy-saving mode

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