Using the potential of red algae in the technology of smokeless fish smoking

DOI: 10.17586/1606-4313-2022-21-4-29-36
UDC 664.951.3; 637:664

Using the potential of red algae in the technology of smokeless fish smoking

Mezenova O. Ya., Samburskaya Nadezhda V., Сушина А. Д., Mörsel Jörg-Thomas

For citation: Mezenova O.J., Samburskaya N.V., Sushina A.D., Mörsel Y.-T. Using the potential of red algae in the technology of smokeless fish smoking. Journal of International Academy of Refrigeration. 2022. No 4. p. DOI: 10.17586/1606-4313-2022-21-4-29-36

Relevant is the improvement of smokeless smoking of fish by enriching liquid smoking media with plant components. The use of aqueous extracts of the red algae Furcellaria lumbricalis from the Baltic Sea in combination with the liquid smoke preparation was studied.The work uses modern standard and original research methods. The physicochemical composition of dried red algae and liquid smoke preparation was studied in terms of the content of polysaccharides, minerals, proteins, phenolic and acidic compounds, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and heavy metals.A high content of easily hydrolysable polysaccharides (carrageenans) in algae, which determine the colloidal state of extracts and high adhesive properties of the smoke composition, has been established. The viscosity and organoleptic properties of the resulting smoke composition were determined.In model experiments, samples of hot smokeless smoked fish were obtained by adhesive application of a smoke-algae composition to its surface, followed by heat treatment. The formation of the specified characteristics of the finished product – the color, aroma and taste of smoked fish, similar to the traditional effects of smoking, was confirmed.The absence of potentially dangerous benzo(a)pyrene, benzo(b)fluoranthene, benzo(a)anthracene, and chrysene in smoked fish has been proven. The quality of smoked fish was assessed by organoleptic indicators, amino acid composition of proteins, content of carotenoid pigments and B vitamins.The functionality of smoked cod has been established in terms of the content of lutein and vitamins B1 and B2. The results of the study show the high biopotential of red algae and the rationality of its use for the purposes of smokeless smoking. Fish smoked in a new way is recommended to be consumed by the general population as a safe and healthy protein product.

Keywords: smokeless smoking, Furcellaria lumbricalis red algae, liquid smoking medium, smoke- seaweed composition, carrageenans, carotenoids, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

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