The content of issue 1 (70)

Section.Energetic, metallurgical and chemical mechanical engineering

Sverdlov A.V. , Volkov A.P. , Rykov S.V., Volkov M.A. , Barafanova Ye.Yu. Modeling smoke removal processes in underground transport destination structures
Tsygankov A.V., Lysyov V.I. , Dolgovskaya O.V., Hildayati A. The selection of a filter for cleanrooms
Aleksandr A. Malyshev, Tatarenko U.V., Kireev V.S. Exergetic analysis of heat pump units for various climate conditions
Dzino A. A., Olga S. Malinina Heat transfer in low-grade energetics

Section.Technology of food products

Antontceva Е.V., Sorokin S.S., Terentyev D.O., Sedykh V.A., Shamtsyan M.M. Selection of conditions for submerged cultivation of Pleurotus ostreatus
Arsenyeva T.P., Suchkova E.P., Volkova O.V., Belozerova M.S. Development of the processed cheese product composition for functional purposes
Babakin B. S., Voronin M. I., Semenov E.V., Babakin S. B., Belozerov A.G., Suchkov A.N. Modeling the freezing process of flat meat products


Baranov Aleksandr Yu., Filatova O.A., Novitskaya Anna V., Safonov A.V., Sokolova E.V. Energy requirements for nitrogen cooling systems of WBC units