The content of issue 2 (3)


Butorina A.V. , Arkharov A.M. Success in cryo-SHF-surgery of children


Belyaeva O. V., Grebenkov A. Zh., Timofeev B. D. Sound velocity in liquid phase of the mixture R134a and R152a
Buzin E. V., Samoilenko D.N., Samonin V. V. Ecologically safe water adsorption refrigerator

Section.Food technologies

Stefanchuk V. I., Venger K. P., Pchelintsev S. A., Feskov O. A., Ruchyov A. S. Investigation into the process of quick freezing of foods in a three-zone nitrogen apparatus
Antipov S.T. , Ovsyannicov V. YU., Nicolaenko S. V., Poimanov V. V. Investigations of thermophysical characteristics of beer yeasts as an object of freeze drying