The content of issue 1 (22)


Tsvetkov O. B., Laptev Yu.A. Global problems of refrigerating technique
Bumagin G. I., Бородин Д. В., Лапкова А. Г., Rahansky A. E. Calculation of the processes in the stage of EGD generator-expander on natural gas. Physical and mathematical models
Grebenkov A. Zh., Belyaeva O. V., Zayats T. A., Timofeev B. D., Tsurbelev V. P. Phase equilibrium of freon R245fa from 242 Kto critical point

Section.Food technologies

Dedegkayev A.T., Afonin D., MELEDINA T.V., Lebedeva E. V. Study of dynamics of change of dimethylsulfide in production of beef
Vyacheslav B. Tishin , Kondratyev D. V., Alasaad K. S. Use of gas-lift in brewing