Popova N. N.

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Военно-Медицинская Академия МО РФ, 1


старший научный сотрудник НИЛ (клеточных и генных технологий) НИО (медико–биологических исследований) научно-исследовательского центра ВМедА


канд. мед. наук, доцент

Bagautdinov Sh. M. , Vadim Levichev, Veliaminov V. N., Vashchenko V. I., Gaydash A. A., Popova N. N. Influence of deep freezing on cellular structure of the human red blood cells

The article was published in issue 2 of 2014

Bagautdinov Sh. M. , Popova N. N., Vilyaninov V. N., Kaleko S. P., Semelev V. N., Sidorkevich S. V., Petrenko G. I. Reserving components of the blood and hematopoietic cells using low temperatures: current status and prospects for implementation in the interests of victims in emergency situations

The article was published in issue 4 of 2014

Shchetilina I. P. , Popova N. N., Kiseleva E. A. , Denisova A. A. Formula of functional jelly using local berries

The article was published in issue 2 of 2016