Study to efficiency of preliminary preparing the milk products to conversion

UDC 664.02/08

Study to efficiency of preliminary preparing the milk products to conversion

Verboloz E.I., Antufiev V.T., Kobyda E.V.

Method of preliminary preparation is presented in work to conversion milk of the whey to account of the ultrasonic processing. By means of this method to be an increased quality and capacity of the process. The Known methods of the analytical decision of the equation to diffusions can be not used in this case for reception of the decisions adequately describing process. The Specified circumstance bring about need of the using for thread of the broughted type certainly of the schemes.  The Recorded equation, which-lo is solved numerically for border conditions determined when undertaking that. The Comparison of the decisions got analytically and numerically, show that for revision of the real picture ultrafiltrations food emulsion necessary experimental revision the most important parameter this process. Got experimental equation to regressions can serve model of the new processes to filtering, which reasonable cotton wool after development special design for preliminary preparing the milk products. Technically the method is implemented by use of the generator of ultrasound of a certain power which has a great impact on a semi-finished product consistence, and also on the structural and mechanical properties, the sour-milk products which were formed in case of framing.

Keywords: milk products, structured-mechanical characteristic, ultrasonic field.

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