The optimization of fish-plant snacks formula

UDC 664.9.047

The optimization of fish-plant snacks formula

Mezenova O. Ya., Potapova V. A.

Market of functional snacks is growing rapidly. Urgency of the research is caused by need to expand the range of such products. Fish-plant snacks production technology is developed. Materials of the research are sardinella backbones, obtained after filleting and treated by heat, and Jerusalem artichoke powder. Backbomes are pre-thermostated at 112-115 deg C for 10 min. The products are mixed and chopped with addition of low-potassium salt and sodium alginate solution. The balance of minerals is calculated by Generic software (version 2.0). The mathematical model of dehydrated snacks formula (minced sardinella backbones, Jerusalem artichoke powder and food additives) is obtained. For optimization of the formula Jerusalem artichoke mass fraction is changed at the interval from 15 to 45%, the sodium alginate one - from 0.1 to 0.7%. The optimum parameters of components are established. They are 27.0% of Jerusalem artichoke powder mass fraction and 0.49% of sodium alginate mass fraction. Harrington desirability criterion of mineral composition is calculated. Its value is 0.98, which corresponds to the evaluation of "excellent". The product is highly-balanced one in major minerals content according to physiological standards. New snacks are categorized to functional product of high sensory quality. 100 g. of product equals to 30% of potassium, 22.3 of magnesium, 75 of calcium and 62.5% of phosphorus recommended daily intake. Jerusalem artichoke powder additive with 25 g. of inulin content meets its daily intake requirement. The developed technology solves the problem of fish by-products recycling.

Keywords: snacks, Jerusalem artichoke, functional product, sardinella aurita, backbones

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