Biotechnology of products from fish waste for elderly nutrition

UDC 664.9.047

Biotechnology of products from fish waste for elderly nutrition

Mezenova O. Ya., Matkovskaya M. V.

Materials of the research are Baltic herring’s and sprat’s heads, sardinella’s scale and cod’s backbones. Physicochemical, organoleptic and statistical methods are used. Mathematical planning of experiment is also used. The technologies of food additives for elderly nutrition from fish by-products, jelly, bread and fermented milk products with them are developed. New products are analyzed in terms of food safety, organoleptic and physicochemical parameters, biological and nutritive value. The mathematical model of jelly products formula is obtained. The products are successfully tested at plants. New products are categorized to functional products, because of high content of protein, phosphor, calcium, magnesium, iron and B vitamins. They help to prevent premature ageing and locomotor system diseases in the elderly. The technology developed is cost-effective and solves the problem of fish by-products recycling. It is recommended to implement at fish-canning factories.

Keywords: elderly nutrition, functional product, fish by-products

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