Biotechnology whole-smoked poultry products

DOI: 10.21047/1606-4313-2016-15-2-26-32
UDC 664.951.32 (07)

Biotechnology whole-smoked poultry products

Mezenova O. Ya., Isakova T S

Poultry production and processing of poultry is actively developing in the Kaliningrad region.Actual expansion and release of whole muscle smoked delicatessen products with application of new bacterial preparations and fitocomposition. The components of medicinal plants have a taste, aroma, antioxidant, antiseptic, and structure-functional properties. The paperjustified improvingconventionaltechnology of making  smoked productwith the use of bacterial preparation PB - MP based on lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria,  tinctures and balms herbs affecting the quality of  finished products using the chilled chicken breasts by way of example. The influence of auto components and technological factors on the enzyme activity of starter cultures, a rational correlation between microorganisms in complex leaven has been tested. Composition of curing mixture to be injected into the meat of poultry before smoking is substantiated.The technological scheme of the manufacture of uncooked poultry products from rich phytochemicals is worked out.Comparative histological studies of the structure of meat are made. Quality indices of test and control products are established. Improved organoleptic and rheological characteristics, intensification of dehydration and decrease of the pH and water activity, increased digestibility and biological value of proteins, increased content of polyunsaturated fatty acids and yield of finished products is established.Substantiatedshelflife and safety of products within 40 days is substantiated. Technical documentation of the products is developed.

Keywords: smoked foods, poultry products, bacterial agents, phytochemicals, enzymes activity, digestibility, biological value.

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