Obtaining and using smoked composition based on the extracts of Fur-cellaria Lumbricalis red seaweed

DOI: 10.17586/1606-4313-2022-21-1-53-60
UDC 637:664

Obtaining and using smoked composition based on the extracts of Fur-cellaria Lumbricalis red seaweed

Sushina Anastasia D., Mezenova O. Ya.

For citation: Sushina A.D., Mezenova O.J. Obtaining and using smoked composition based on the extracts of Furcellaria Lumbri-calis red seaweed. Journal of International Academy of Refrigeration. 2022. No 1. p. 53-60. DOI: 10.17586/1606-4313-2022-21-1-53-60

The improvement of smokeless fish smoking technology using enriched liquid smoking compositions with increased adhesive properties is of current interest. To obtain a new smoking medium we used Liquid Smoke smoking preparation which was enriched with an aqueous extract of Furcellaria Lumbricalis red seaweed of the Baltic Sea. These seaweeds contain valuable biologically active and structure-forming substances, the transfer of which to the smoked preparation allows increasing its adhesive properties and biological value. Literature research on the content of the main smoking components in various smoked preparations has been conducted. The composition of Liquid Smoke preparation has been studied in terms of the content of phenolic, carbonyl, and acidic substances. Different samples of smoke composition have been obtained by varying the ratio of seaweed, water, and smoke preparation. Organoleptic characteristics and content of smoking substances in model smoked compositions were studied. Dependences of viscosity of smoking media on the component composition of seaweed extract have been determined. It has been shown that with the addition of Liquid Smoke preparation the values of the index of dynamic viscosity increase. The formation process of smoked fish properties in model experiments on obtaining hot-smoked fish has been studied. It has been established that the best properties of smoked fish are formed at the application of smoked composition obtained at the ratio of 1:25:5. At the given parameters, the formed film of smoked adhesive is not organoleptically visible, does not flake, has no wrinkles and other appearance defects, and the formed color, taste, and consistency are identical to the quality indicators of hot-smoked fish. The content of phenol substances in the samples of smoked fish determined the degree of smoking that corresponded to the values given in the literature.  The obtained data testify to the rationality of red algae use in the composition of new-generation smoked compositions.

Keywords: smokeless smoking, Furcellaria Lumbricalis red seaweed, extraction, adhesion, viscosity, smoking composition, phenolic substances.

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