The content of issue 3 (32)


Section.Refrigeration: technique and technologies

Lev P. Bulat, Tabachkova N. U., Bublik V. T., Karatayev V. V., Osvenskiy V. B., Pivovarov G. I. Methods of investigation of mechanical properties and structure of nanomaterials for thermoelectric coolers
Laptev Yu.A. , Aleksandr A. Malyshev, Tsvetkov O. B. Simple potentials and kinetic coefficients of tetrafluoromethane (R14)
Aleksandr A. Malyshev, Goryatchevskaya A. N., Yakovleva M. V. Calculation of heat transfer coefficient for in-tube refrigerant boiling
Zobkov P. N. , Sergeev S. V., Ivanov V.I., Шрамова А. Л. Effect of the techniques of heat removal from sorbent on cryo-pumping process efficiency
Krasnikova Ludmila Vasilievna, Botchkov V. N., Mekhtiev A. M. Biotechnology of functional beverages based on milk whey and wort