Alexey A. Fedorov

Work place:

ITMO University, Saint Petersburg, 197101, Russian Federation




Fedorov Alexey V., Igor V. Baranov, Volkov Sergey M., Tagiev S.K., Efimov A.V., Romanov Nikolay N., Alexey A. Fedorov, Simonova Marina A. Experimental studies on the intensity of heat transfer in organic viscous media

The article was published in issue 4 of 2020

Starkov A.S., Melnik G. E., Starkov C.A., Alexey A. Fedorov The equation of state and the density for the mixture of supercritical carbon dioxide with vegetable oils

The article was published in issue 4 of 2021

Alexey A. Fedorov, Vladimir A. Korablev, Fedorov Alexander V. , Kowalskiy Ilya S., Volkov Sergey M., Andreeva Anastasia The use of transient hot wire method to determine thermal conductivity of viscous liquids

The article was published in issue 3 of 2022

Volkov Sergey M., Fedorov Alexander V. , Alexey A. Fedorov, Nugmanov A.H-H., Romanov Nikolay N. Heat and mass transfer during boiling of vegetable oil miscella in gravity flowing-down films

The article was published in issue 4 of 2023